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From medieval gothic castles and narrow streets to steppes stretching to the horizon, from deep mountain forests to sparkling seashores and back to modern vivacious cities – Ukraine, the biggest country within continental Europe, offers you an enormous range of breathtaking locations for your shootings.

FOUNDLAND PICTURES LIMITED provides established partnerships with plenty of Ukrainian film companies, all of them creative and proficient. Our partners located mainly in Kyiv (the capital) have years of experience in creating, producing and developing projects for TV and feature films industries, ranging from series and entertainment TV shows to documentaries and independent movies created in co-production with well-known international companies.

Apart from unique and variable locations, Ukraine can offer you professional and reasonably-priced services for production and distribution.  

Our partners’ valued experience allows us to offer a range of services for feature films, documentaries, animations, TV shows and series, commercials, photography, and post-production, including but not limited to the following: 

  • budgeting
  • location scouting and permits
  • casting local actors and extras
  • ideas, scripts search and development
  • housing and transportation arrangements
  • studios (three TV studios 500x6 meters; three film studios, two of them 900x7.5 meters and one 2,000 sq. m. (or two studios of 1,000 sq.m. each)
  • technical equipment and props for hire
  • hiring professional local crews
  • shooting
  • offline editing
  • lab development, production of film copies
  • dubbing, subtitling, voice-over
  • customs and immigration, legal and administrative support