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I swear I will love you forever

Genre: melodrama
Type: series
Year: 2017
Status: completed
Production: FILM.UA Group
Running time: 4 х 48 min
Director: Alina Chebotaryova
Producer: Victor Mirsky, Natalia Strybuk, Iryna Chernyak, Olena Malkova, Kateryna Shvets
Director of photography: Kostyantyn Vorobyov
Scriptwriter: Aleksandr Vysokovsky, Yana Dubinyanska

Alexandra Syzonenko, Aleksandr Kryuchkov, Ivan Solovyov, Oksana Zhdanova, Anna Lebedyeva, Nina Nizheradze, Sergiy Syplyvy, Valery Shvetz, Andriy Bilous, Sergiy Kalantay, Roman Matzyuta, Polina Tzitzilnitzka, Volodymyr Mashuka, Nikita Karmazin, Маksym Boryak, Sofiya Kotlyarova


Best mini series, Teletriumph 2018

Best director of a TV series, 2018

Olenais a beautiful girl, a sportswoman and pride of Primorsk.  She’s got a lot ahead of her in terms of sports career because she is a natural swimmer. In her childhood she makes friends with  Zheka and Pashka. Long ago they swear to be together and never betray each other. On the eve of the graduation the guys between whom there is an unspoken competition for the girl, decide to reveal their feelings to her. And one of them has to give in to the other competitor. However, the adult life will be full of events they even can’t expect and end up the way they can’t dream about. Seven years later Olena, Pashka and Zheka meet again in their native town. And, like many years ago, Olena has to make a choice. But will the childhood oath be able to stand the test of time.